During these challenging times, we are operating on limited office hours and offering appointment times for computer maitenance, repairs and support. Whether you'd prefer to arrange a visit to our workshop or to arrange a home call, social distancing rules will be kept to protect you, our customers and us.

Call us on 0191 4162385 at the office or for a faster response, please email us on info@vampsltd.com to discuss your requirements.

Current Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 11.30am - 3pm

Saturday: Closed (Appointments Only)

Sunday: Closed

Vamps Ltd

Computer Maintenance.

In Our Workshop - At Your Home - At Your Office - Remotely

We can repair, maintain and problem solve in our workshop, at your home or at your office. We also offer remote services to customers, something that we have always offered to our business clients but now more than ever is an important availability to everyone in the current climate that we find ourselves in. Below, is a list of popular computer maintenance services that we frequently provide.

  • Virus & Malware Removal

    Virus infection and now malware (malicious software) is by far the most common issues that computer users face. We perform thorough removal, cleaning and advice to tighten up your all important security.

  • Windows Installation

    There's nothing quite like a clean installation of Windows to enhance your computers performance. Or perhaps an upgrade to the latest version of Windows, for better functionality or protection in the world wide web. Windows installation is cheaper than you may expect.

  • Hard Disk Replacement

    Whether it's a desktop or laptop, drive failure is a common problem in computers and is often the cause of boot problems or software issues.


  • PSU Replacement

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  • Laptop LCD Replacement

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  • File Back-Up

    We can't stress enough how important it is to keep those valuable family photos or important files backed up, as in some cases, drive failure means complete loss of files.